S. G. Mechanical Works Blog http://www.sgmechanicalworks.com/blog/ Latest Products Wed, 01 Feb 2023 21:46:09 +0530 en-us http://www.sgmechanicalworks.com Finding the material handling equipment manufacturer in India http://www.sgmechanicalworks.com/blog/finding-the-material-handling-equipment-manufacturer-in-india_5539.htm Tue, 21 Jul 2015 12:58:37 +0530 <p>The material handling equipment have a significant importance in the industries, and if you are looking for the material handling equipment manufacturer in India, then you can find lots of them. However, you need to pick the right one. The bucket elevators and the industrial conveyors are what you are looking for; choosing the best industry that offers great quality and best efficiency is what you need to look for in the first place. The clients are diverse, and so are the needs of these clients. When you have varied needs, ensure that the manufacturer would be able to offer the same. You can find most of the manufacturers offering all info on the products they sell on their websites. Going through them offers you a clear picture of what you can expect from the equipment. You should also check how long the manufacturer has been in the industry, and see if there is contact info, which makes the manufacturer physically traceable.<br /><br /><strong>Bucket elevator:</strong><br />The bucket elevator should be made by the best engineers; and this is to ensure that the equipment would meet the needs of the users. Here are a few features that you need to consider when you are buying the bucket elevators.</p> <ul> <li>The bucket elevator should be of an innovative design</li> <li>The divided flap should be present, as this allows to change the outlet materials</li> <li>The divided flap can be got in many choices like the two way design, three way design and the four way design.  </li> <li>The machine should be of robust construction and non-corrosive design</li> <li>The maintenance should not be a hassle.</li> </ul> <p><br /><strong>Industrial Conveyors:</strong><br /> The <b><a href="http://www.sgmechanicalworks.com/industrial-conveyors.htm">industrial conveyors</a></b> should be available in various designs and sizes to the users. The design should be meticulous, and the standards should be met. The conveyors have a very significant importance in the industries and hence, should be capable of lifting and carrying heavy weight materials, and perform in an efficient way.</p> <ul> <li>Robust construction of the machine is the first feature you should look for</li> <li>The housing of the machine should be non-corrosive, which is very important if you are looking for a long lasting and durable equipment.</li> <li>The design of the machine should be great and excellent</li> <li>The machine should be easy to maintain, or else you would keep spending on the machine</li> <li>The capacity range should be of 1 MT/H to 60 MT/H</li> </ul> <p> </p> Pellet Feed Mill for Sale http://www.sgmechanicalworks.com/blog/pellet-feed-mill-for-sale_5540.htm Tue, 21 Jul 2015 13:01:09 +0530 <p>Pellet feed mills are extremely useful machines for farmers and live stock owners who are driving hard to gain higher profit and better quality of animal feeds.  This machine turns raw materials primarily meant for live stocks into pelletized grains suitable for cows, rabbits, goats, buffalos, horses and other farm animals. Indian manufacturers are using all cutting age technologies and innovative ideas in manufacturing and marketing pellet feed mills in domestic and international markets. Indian market has a large inventory of Pellet Feed Mill for sale.  <br /><br /><strong>Types of pellet mills available for sale:</strong><br />There is a wide range of pellet mills that is manufactured by Indian manufacturers to satisfy varied customer needs:</p> <ul> <li>Horizontal Cattle Feed Pellet Mill:  comprehensive array of cattle mills are available on the market with varied capacity and power. Cattle feed mills are generally used to give shape to mashed feeds in a  particular shape and size. The mill has some unique features which allows it to control the flow of ingredients, temperature and moisture in the system. </li> <li>Poultry Feed Pellet Mill: Improved milling technology is used in this mill to produce dry, compressed and eraser-sized bits. Biomass materials, Agro wastes, wood chips etc can be easily used in this mill for the production of extremely good quality pellets. The machine has the unique feature of separating seed coats from the usable part of seeds thus making the job easier for the operator.</li> <li>Vertical Cattle Feed Pellet Mill: In this mill gear-drive technology is used instead of belt-drive technology, thus increasing efficiency and capacity while decreasing electric consumption drastically.  High quality international standard bearings are used for reducing noise and friction during operation. The product can be suitably used for any kind of feed pellets and also for aqua feeds.  </li> <li>Poultry Feed Pellet Mill: These mills are also manufactured at par with the international standards. The cutting edge technology allows the machine to separate seed coats from the main usable parts, thus saving time and money of the client. The temperature controller and cooler are designed to control temperature and moisture inside the machine as per fixed standard, thus producing quality pellets.</li> </ul> <p>Apart from these mills there are some other types of mills such as the Mud pellet Mill, Industrial Feed Pellet mill and Solvent oil mills, which are also sold in large quantities ion the market.<br /><br /><strong>Features of</strong> <b><a href="http://www.sgmechanicalworks.com/pellet-mill.htm">Pellet Feed Mills</a></b>:</p> <ul> <li>Easy operational process and suitable for mass production.</li> <li>Longer operational life with non-corrosive structure.</li> <li>Low operating cost and low power consumption.</li> <li>Producible pellet size varies from 2.5mm to 40mm.</li> <li>Capacity of production varies from 200kg/hr to 50MT/hr</li> </ul> Fish Feed Plant Manufacturer in India http://www.sgmechanicalworks.com/blog/fish-feed-plant-manufacturer-in-india_5541.htm Tue, 21 Jul 2015 13:03:49 +0530 <p>Demand of fish feed pellets is very high in India. The feeds may have different shape, nutrients, texture and flavor depending upon different kinds of pisciculture. Highly skilled and experienced industrial designers and engineers have been able to manufacture most efficient plants as per the demand of clients. The fish feed industry is growing rapidly and with it the demand for automated, semi automated and manual feed plants is also soaring. A fish feed plant manufacturer in India has got the expertise in designing and engineering all types of fish feed plants.<br /><br /><strong>Type of Fish Feed Plants:</strong><br />Two types of fish feed plants are in operation in the fish feed production industry-<br /><br /><strong>Dry Fish Feed Plants</strong> are extensively operated for the production of high grade feed pellets for small and medium sized fishes. This type of fish feed plants are also useful in making feed pellets for crabs, shrimps and catfish etc. The moisture level can be controlled as per the feeding habits of the fishes and crabs. Dry fish feed plant can produce feed pellets within 0.9mm to 15mm diameter. <br /><br /><strong>Wet Fish Feed Plants</strong> are fitted with a boiler which spray steam to increase the moisture level in the feed pellets. These feeds are suitable for fish, crab, eel and loach etc. Additionally, feed for dog and cattle can also be produced with this plant. The boiler is designed in such a way that the steam and water can be directly injected into the feed in the extruding chamber, thus producing high quality pellets. <br /><br /><strong>Feature of products:</strong></p> <ul> <li>Easy to maintain and low operating cost.</li> <li>Maximum power efficiency.</li> <li>Automated plants are fully productive with minimum human intervention. </li> <li>Need specific design for increased operational efficiency.</li> <li>Corrosion proof structure for longer plant life.</li> </ul> <p><br /><strong>Features of manufacturers in India:</strong><br />Indian manufacturers are skilled enough to manufacture automated, semi automated and manual plants as per clients’ demands and budgets. There are many instances where the manufacturing is done on the basis of a customer specification. A <b><a href="http://www.sgmechanicalworks.com/feed-plants.htm">fish feed plant manufacturer in India</a></b> has both expertise and experience to design plants of varying models and capacity. The distinctive features of Indian manufacturers:</p> <ul> <li>Expertise in designing and engineering all types of fish feed plants.</li> <li>Strong quality consciousness as far as the raw materials in manufacturing are concerned.</li> <li>Excellent customer relationship management.</li> <li>Lifelong servicing and operational advising facilities.</li> <li>Apart from engineers, industrial designers and quality control experts are employed for supporting clients’ from all aspects. </li> </ul> <p>Thus, manufacturers in India have got international exposure due to their quality of design, service and management.<br /><br /></p> About Stationary Vertical Mixer Machine Manufacturer http://www.sgmechanicalworks.com/blog/about-stationary-vertical-mixer-machine-manufacturer_5542.htm Tue, 21 Jul 2015 13:06:41 +0530 <p>Mixture machine plays an important role in feed production process. Mixing the ingredients in a feed before making pellets out of them is very essential. If the ingredients are not mixed properly, the nutrients will not be distributed in the feed evenly, thus the pellets or the feed for mash become unsuitable for animals or fish feeding. Feed producers prefer vertical mixture machines for their efficiency in mixing ingredients in the right manner. As far as the mass production of feeds are concerned, manufacturers advise clients to install stationary machines because mass producing machines are heavier and bigger in size than the other types. In India, a stationary vertical mixer machine manufacturer has high demand on the market since demand is high but not many manufacturers of mixer machines have the ability to get into that business.<br /><br /><strong>What is a sstationary vertical mixer machine?</strong><br />Normally a stationery vertical mixture machine consists of vertical screw where the ingredients are thrown upwards and then fall down. The process is repeated several times before passing them for pelletizing. Depending on the production type, manufacturers install single or multiple vertical screws. <br /><br /><strong>Features of stationary vertical mixer machine:</strong><br />This mixture machine uses lesser electric power than the other form of mixer machines such as horizon mixture or round bowl mixer. The other mixture machines cannot be made completely stationary due to their shape and size, but the manufacturers have been able to design fully stationary vertical mixers.</p> <ul> <li>Stationery vertical mixer machine is normally built tough as it has too few movable parts.</li> <li>Power consumption is economical. The process of mixing ingredients is programmed in such a way that continuous movement of drivers and blowers are not required.</li> <li>This mixer is capable of removing unwanted materials from the ingredients with greater efficiency than other forms of mixer machines.</li> </ul> <p> </p> <p><strong>Features of Manufacturers:</strong><br />A <b><a href="http://www.sgmechanicalworks.com/hammer-mill.htm">stationary vertical mixer machine manufacturer</a></b> has an immense scope on the Indian market. There are many distinctive features which have enhanced a manufacturer’s acceptability in domestic arena:</p> <ul> <li>Stationary vertical mixer machines need a different sort of expertise. As these machines are mounted on the ground, design and engineering take much time and strategy. Fortunately, Indian manufacturers have both expertise and experience in this regard.</li> <li>Life time customer support is given to each client.</li> <li>Manufacturing and installation works are done keeping international standards.</li> <li>Safety and Security are given top priority since the machine is operated through high voltage, heated machinery parts and hazardous ingredients.  </li> </ul> <p>Manufacturers are on constant research to design more productive vertical mixers which will be more beneficial for the clients in the coming days.</p>